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2. Map of the Park


Suggested park itinerary
Feature Recommended length of stop Attractions & activities
Park briefing room 20 min. Listen to the Sanxia Carbon Neutral Park's transormation from landfill to ecological park.
Eco pond 5 min. An ecosystem in miniature, try to find some of the tiny organisms living the pond.
Leachate treatment plant 10 min. Find out how highly-concentrated landfill leachate is transforned into clean water.
Gas Power Generator 5 min. Learn how methane produced by decomposition on the landfill is converted to useful power.
Tree Bank 5 min. You won't find piles of banknotes here,just plenty of rare old trees.
Greenhouse seedling area 10 min. This facility ensures that the park is self-sufficient in plants and seedlings used for landscaping and land restoration.
Cherry blossom tree area 5 min. When the beautiful mountain cherries bloom in the spring, don't forget to bring your camera.
Green Home 10 min. Experience an energy-conserving carbon-reducing green building existing in harmony with the Earth.
DIY classroom 30 min. Try your hand at planting seedling and do your part to reduce CO2.