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1. Profile of the Sanxia Carbon Neutral Park

was formally the Sanxia Shanyuan Tanzi Regional Landfill, and was the first regional landfill inNew Taipei City. The landfill began its operation in April 1993, and was closed in June 2000. A total of 1.35 million tons of waste was buried in the landfill. After the landfill was closed, the Environmental Protection Department of New Taipei City worked steadily to prevent pollution at the landfill site, conduct environmental education, and perform restoration and landscaping work. Today, the Sanxia Carbon Neutral Park became Taiwan's first low-carbon park, playing both recreational and educational roles. It is also the only landfill in Taiwan where members of the public can stay overnight and experience a low-carbon lifestyle. The park will provide you a glimpse of the green future of the city, including large trees, environmental features, green transportation, green energy, green buildings, recycling of resources, and sustainability.
We welcome you to the Sanxia Carbon Neutral Park—come explore, experience, try out, and enjoy the park's unique low-carbon charms.