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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Switchboard number:+886-2-29532111 extension 9

    Division Functions and Responsibilities Extension number
    Commissioner Office 2031
    Deputy Commissioner Office 2041/2046
    Chief Secretary Office 2051
    Comprehensive Planning Division To conduct the general environmental protection plan for :environmental Information, environment Impact evaluation, promotion of environmental education and publicity. 4119
    Air Quality Maintenance Division Control and prevention of air pollution, noise and vibration. 3277
    Water Quality Protection Division Protection and cure of water quality, management of drinking water, soil and underground water pollution improvement, prevention of ocean pollution, etc. 2106
    Environmental Sanitation Management Division Management of the city's environmental sanitation, including: supervision of cleaning squads, planning and managing the Recycling Rewards Service System, management of public toilet, dealing with cases from whistleblowers and EcoLife website and propaganda of environmental sanitation . 4041
    Cycle Resources Division To promote the establishment of Environmental Shop and Happy Site, to promote garbage reduction from origin, to implement the policy of mandatory classification and restrict application, garbage collection and transportation for each home, and management of garbage transit site. 4002
    Environmental Affairs Division Mainly responsible for the general affairs of the district cleaning squads, including: The establishment of labor contracts and work rules. The maintenance and replacement of vehicles and tools. The maintenance of labor’s occupational health, hygiene and safety. Coordinate possible occupational hazard cases and settle possible labor disputes. The supervision and inspection of the attendance and performance of each squad. 4075
    Cleaning and Maintenance Division Environmental cleaning, maintenance and auditing. Clearing vector’s breeding sources and dirty places. Supervising advertisements by fining and suspending mobile service. Repairing and maintaining cleaning units’s office building and working sites. 4053
    Industrial waste Management Division Management and administration of industrial waste, environmental agents, toxic chemical substances etc. 3232
    Environmental Analysis Division Analysis and inspection of air pollution, water pollution, waste, drinking water and other environmental matters. +886-2-82852272
    Waste Management Planning Division The planning and establishment of waste treatment plant, its operation and supervision. Management and operation for the fund of waste disposal, Management and supervision of old district landfills. To set up the recycling and renewable energy plant/field, etc. 3109
    Environmental Protect and Auditing Division Dealing with environmental nuisance petitions. Inspecting, advising, and reporting for violations of environmental protection laws. Fine remainding, compulsory execution referral and administrative remedy for environmental inspection cases. 3058
    Low Carbon Community Development Division Planning and promotion of the strategies of green transportation and energy saving. Planning and promotion of resources reusing, and low carbon life style. Promotion of environmental knowledge. 3207
    Shulin Refuse Incineration Plant Shulin Refuse Incineration Plant specialized services for Shulin area. The main businesses are:supervision for operation and administration of waste incinerator. +886-2-26808217
    Bali Refuse Incineration Plant Bali Refuse Incineration Plant specialized services for Bali area. The main businesses are:supervision for operation and administration of waste incinerator. +886-2-26195111
    Xindian Refuse Incineration plant Xindian Refuse Incineration Plant specialized services for Xindan area. The main businesses are:supervision for operation and administration of waste incinerator. +886-2-22142022
    Bali Landfill Site Bali Landfill Site specialized service for Bali area. The businesses are: the operation, administration , and maintenance of waste landfill , fly ash treatment. +886-2-26192153
    Secretariat Documentation, files, seal, general affairs, treasury, purchasing, property management, public pollution disputes, legal, research and development, control and evaluation, public service, affairs management and other subjects not belong to the center, plant, site, or office. 1016
    Accounting Office To conduct the accounting plan. 2011/2013/2018
    Personnel Office To conduct the personnel plan. 2069
    Civil Service Ethics Office To conduct the civil service ethics plan. 2085
    Department Public Nuisance Dispute Hotline +886-2-29603456 extension 9
    National Free Public Nuisance Dispute Hotline +886-0800-066666
    Department Recycle Free Service Hotline +886-0800-085717
    District Cleaning Unit Hotline