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Environmental Analysis

  • The Environmental Analysis Section specializes in the analysis of environmental quality, main water samples from the following sources .
    1. Drinking water: source water, tap water, and drinking water system.
    2. Industrial wastewater: wastewater from factories, wastewater treatment plants, and landfills.
    3. Surface water: water samples from the 34 river-monitoring stations in New Taipei City.
    4. Water samples from citizens: ground water or spring water from local residents (water samples must be submitted to Water Quality Protection Section and associate fees must be paid in advance).
    5. Other: water samples from water pollution accidents or other catastrophic pollution events. In addition to water sample analysis, the objects of analysis also include air, soil, and industrial waste samples.

    1.Water quality:
    Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N)
    Nitrite Nitrogen (NO2-N)
    Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N)
    Total Phosphorus (P)
    Sulfate (SO4)
    Cyanide (CN)
    Hexavalent Chromium / Cr (VI)
    Methylene Blue Active Substances (MBAS) / Anionic Surfactants
    Phenols (Ar-OH)
    Heavy Metals
    Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    Suspended Solids (SS)
    Dissolved Solids (DS)
    Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
    Chemical Oxygen Demand  (COD)
    Chloride (CI)
    Oil and Grease
    Coliform Group
    Total Bacterial Count

    2.Air: Odor, dust fall, and suspended particulates monitor by 22 manual environmental monitor stations of Air Quality Maintenance Division.
    3.Soil and Industrial Wastes (Including farmland soil, sludge, and bottom ash): Heavy metals.

    Environmental Analysis Section  : Lee Wei-Min  TEL: 8285-3370