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  • Present office, ﹙Environmental Protection Department, New Taipei City Government, EPD﹚, established on September of 1988, was reformed from the former Public Health Bureau. There were eight Director in Generals: General Director Huang , General Director Zhuang, General Director Kaw, General Director Cheng, General Director Chang, General Director Cheng, General Director Teng and, presently, General Director Liou Her-Ran, who led and brought this office to the base of future development, and opened as a pioneer of environmental protection of “New Taipei City”. After the city was upgraded to municipality, EPD promoted the policy, to construct the environment of New Taipei City as a distinguishing feature of city and countryside characteristics. EPD created a number of innovations in teams of administrative organization, aiming at the object, to bring the New Taipei City toward a first class international city.

    1."Communities of Low Carbon Center"

    This is the first local government in Taiwan, that creates a department to execute the plan of carbon reduction. EPD has established five major policy objectives︰energy and electric power saving, green transportation, resources reusing, low carbon life style, and low carbon business, aiming at the target: to constructing this city as the first low carbon city in Taiwan. Besides, in addition to the above mentioned target,  EPD has created five-oriented strategy ways of development : green building, green energy, resources recycling, green transportation, sustainable eco-environment, so as to look forward the New Taipei City as a new era of foresighted green city.

    2. To raise the satisfaction of residents

    A new arrangement is that secretariat charges the dispute processing of public pollution. The new arrangement, inspection and dispute processing belong to the different departments, may increase the possibility of protecting residents, and therefore increase the satisfaction of residents.

    3. The planning, operation and supervision of waste treatmen

    The wastes increase rapidly as the results of population increase. A forward planning of waste disposal, in teams of capacity and operation of supervision, required in the future.

    4.The management and supervision of environmental sanitation

    As the consequence of new situation, the foundation of ”New Taipei City“, has brought to the rapid increase of work members, sanitary staffs, and amounts of business. The sanitary staffs, used to be charged by township geographical unit of government, are all subordinate to EPD. Besides, in order to promote the services, three new sections were created from Section of Management and Supervision of Environmental Sanitation : Three new sections are Section of Resources Recycling, Section of Cleaning and Sanitary Maintenance, Section of Environmental Business and Management. The new arrangement aims at the object: toward the complete service to residents