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Industrial Waste

  • Industrial Waste Management

    Reporting of industrial waste disposal permit regulation the management of environmental agents and virus prevention matters. Currently 27,000 factories are registered in New Taipei City. With the exception of few local sewage-producing factories, the total number of large-scale businesses, hazardous waste-producing factories, agriculture industries, livestock industries, mining fields, construction businesses, health care institutions, public waste disposal facilities, collaboratative industrial waste disposal facilities, laboratories in schools and organizations and other businesses is 40,000 the largest number in the nation. Therefore, in accordance with the online industrial waste disposal flow reporting and the online industrial waste disposal proposal reporting policies directed by EPA of the Executive Yuan, TPC/EPB has established an industrial waste disposal flow control database to effectively control the flow of industrial waste. By conducting on-site inspections on businesses that produce large-scale industrial waste, large amounts of general industrial waste, hazardous industrial waste, and businesses with unknown waste disposal flows,the NTC/EPB has been better able to control the flow of general industrial waste and hazardous industrial waste in New Taipei City.

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