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Environmental Protection Inspection

  • Purposes

    New Taipei City is comprised of a large area and has a large population loading. And the burden on the environment is high because the city is a metropolitan area a fact illustrated by the more than thirty thousand complaints we process per year. The number of complaints in New Taipei City has ranked high for years among all cities and counties in Taiwan. Moreover, contemporary consciousness of environmental protection continually rises and the public demands that government improve efficiency of public service. As a result, we established an 24 hours “Environmental pollution Complaints Center for Public Nuisance Petitions ” on January 7, 1995. We monitor all kinds of pollutants and enforce control of appeal cases directly. Meanwhile, professional research and evaluation staff are responsible for public nuisance petitions, integrating data from the inspection system. Planning, integration and controllability, this reaches the purpose of public service.

    Nature of Work

    The "Environmental Complaints Center for Public Nuisance Petitions in New Taipei City "has established a special hotline for complaints. We have professionals who process cases and log the contents of complaints into a database. We promptly deal with cases by email and also trace case handling details to improve handling of complaints. Finally, serious pollution petition cases and repeat appeals will be re-inspected by our complaint center.

    Contents of appointment

    1. Reception and log in of complaint cases.
    2. Submission to inspectors
    3. Set up and link to database
    4. Inspect and issue fine appeals based on complaints
    5. Charge and address cases


    History of Complaint Center System
    Jan, 1995 Establishment of complaints center→Research, evaluation,complaint handling,and night shift system.
    Mar,2000 Establishment of Pollution Inspection Divison →Specialized unit for handling of public nuisance .
    Apr, 2000 Implementation of two-shift inspection center for pollution complaints→Elevated  inspection efficiency
    Jan, 2001 Establishment of  24-hr specialized complaints center→ Manned by trained specialists
    Feb, 2001 Implementing  a three-shift 24-hour inspection center for pollution complaints→   Emphasizing prompt inspection once complaints are received

    Accepting Flow

    Accepting Flow For Environmental Complaints Call

    You can call us by the direct line(2288-2327) or the free line(0800-066-666) for environment nuisances.

    Lin, I-Wei  TEL: 2285-6668 Ext.28