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Mission and Vision

  • Today, the quality of life has improved due to the continuing efforts of NTPC/EPD to improve the environmental quality.
    New Taipei City now boasts of more grassland, better waterways, more trees, and cleaner streets and communities. These improvements afford better living conditions and inspire the residents to treasure their environment.
    In order to ensure compliance with policies of Liou Her-Ran, Director of NTPC/EPD, while pursuing the development aims of New Taipei City Government, we request active cooperation with our residents in protecting the natural heritage in New Taipei City.
    To realize our future vision 〝 creating a sustainable city 〞, our approaches include:
    1. Clean air
    2. Clean rivers
    3. Clean environment
    4. Eco-friendly building
    5. Organic farming
    6. Biodiversity
    7. Healthy and livable city
    8. Eco-friendly transportation
    9. Renewable energy
    10.Recycling & reuse  

    We believe in cleaner and faster development for New Taipei City and a spirit of initiative and quality service. It is our sincere aim to make these goals a reality for our city.